​​​​​​Kate G Smeltzer...........writer, illustrator and photography

The Girl Who Walked on Walls

A whimsical poem that describes how a little girl views the world viewed from up on her  wall.  As Tippi, the girl in the poem,  grows up, she never loses sight of what walls represent and  never loses her desire to know what is on the other side of each wall.

The poem has been beautifully illustrated using felted and bead creatures created by Kate G Smeltzer which were then photographed by Kate against  natural landscapes.  Many of the photos were taken using the sweeping backdrop of  the Mountains of Mourne and  Tullymore Forest.


I will always explore life when out on my own,

What is hidden from view by the red brick or stone?

I like to discover what lives over there,

Perhaps a small deer or a fox with red hair?

The Girl Who Walked on Walls is currently available to buy at "Made By...."  Hoops Courtyard, Greyabbey. N.I.  or contact Kate at quirkycreations65@gmail.com  cost £6.99 plus P&P