The Strange Fruited Tree

A lighthearted, yet epic poem that touches on what life is all about and celebrates our uniqueness.

Due to the poem's unusual story line, it will be difficult to illustrate this book in the same style as the first two poems of the trilogy.   I am therefore exploring  other ideas to find an illustration style that can match the highly visual images the words create.

Publishing date pending.


"As my subconscious mind conjured visions divine,

I strayed from my path made of reason and rhyme,

And I followed instead, a thin track of dust,

That clung to my clothes and my feet like fine rust."....

.........."At the end of the valley my path seemed to stop,

But on closer inspection it in fact pointed up!

Using both of my hands and all of my feet,

I began the steep climb, I would not take defeat."

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​​​​​​Kate G Smeltzer...........writer, illustrator and photography