The Borealis Button Faeries

Also known as the Dream Faeries.  These magical creatures  live above the Northern lands in a floating ice palace.  They have the power to grant the wish of good dreams and the ability to chase away nightmares.

At sunset, these colourful faeries gather together dancing in the northern skies, swirling around in a beautiful ballet creating trails of green and gold light as they dance.  If you are really lucky you can witness these shimmering lights from earth and the dancing lights are known by most folk as the Aurora Borealis.

Aurora was the first of the dream faeries and the colourful light display is named in her honour.

These dream faeries were once land faeries but lost their homes as their woodlands were destroyed by man and beast.  Faeries cannot be killed and nor can the magic of a good faerie  ever be extinguished.    However, once a land faerie has changed into a Borealis Faerie,  it can no longer tread the earth.  It can however walk in the lands of  dreamworlds.  

To summon a dream faerie all you have to do is imagine her as you fall asleep.  You need to imagine her likeness and  wish really, really hard if you want to see the dream faerie in your dreams. but even if you do not see her, feel safe in the knowledge that she is there by your side and she will always come when summoned.  

​​​​​​Kate G Smeltzer...........writer, illustrator and photography