​​​​​​Kate G Smeltzer...........writer, illustrator and photography

Author and illustrator of  "The Girl Who Walked on Walls".  "The Christmas Elf" and the "Strange-Fruited Tree".  A trilogy of whimsical poems with a message of  kindness and understanding for  those who share this weird and wonderful world with us.

Author of a full length Children's Story,

"The Boy Who Lived On An Upside Down Boat

The book is currently in its final edit and I am in discussion with a publishing house.  This epic story takes a young Viking named Jonas on an adventure that leads him half way across the world.  After the Vikings' great Longboat is besieged by a fierce storm dragon,  Jonas and the ship's cat, Ember, find themselves separated  from the rest of the crew and end up marooned on an upside down boat in the middle of the Indian Ocean.​ 

Trapped and alone Jonas has to learn how to survive and also tries to work out  a plan to escape his upside down prison.

Help comes when Jonas forms an unlikely friendship with a wise old hermit crab called Hillyhump,  from whom he learns the secrets of the mystical sea unicorns. Can his new friend help Jonas escape and lead him to his father before the storm dragons return and destroy his homeland?

Featured Author: Kate G Smeltzer