​​​​​​Kate G Smeltzer...........writer, illustrator and photography

VOLUNTARY ARTS WEEK  9 May - 15 May 2016

Free Origami Dove tutorials -  awaiting approval for Translink train tutorials and the Victoria Centre   

Saturday 7th May and Sunday 8th May Tavelling by train around NI

routes and times to be confirmed

Tuesday 10th May

The Shankhill Day Centre 10.30 - 3.30pm

Follow the Link on PINTEREST             https://uk.pinterest.com/QuirkyKate65/10000-origami-doves-project/

A wee challenge for those of you who get the origami bug,  my current record is 61 origami doves in an hour. . .  Can Anyone beat that?  

10,000 Origami Doves of Peace Project 2016

A hugely successful day for the Origami Doves Project at BBC Createathon at the Ulster Museum on Saturday 2 April 2016

Be a part of something amazing and join in this community Creative project.  I am hoping to create an installation of  10,000 Origami Doves as part of the many events across the country to celebrate Voluntary Arts Week.  I can not do this alone so I will be offering free tutorials around NI for any community groups interested in participating in the project, or follow the selection of tutorials on PINTEREST .

Group Tutorials can be arranged by contacting Kate directly at quirkycreations65@gmail.com

The aim of the project is to promote community fun through creativity.  Each origami dove is made using just one small square of  paper.  Recycled is best! So use old magazines, telephone directories or  I used pages with rough drafts of poems and doodles that I did not  want to keep but did not want to throw out either, so I turned them into doves.  Old art becoming new art is the best kind of creativity. 

I have set up a champions board for groups or individuals who contribute the most number of doves to the project, so get folding now.


​10,000 Origami Doves Project