​​​​​​Kate G Smeltzer...........writer, illustrator and photography

Kate G Smeltzer

"A day without creativity is a day wasted."

After battling a rare form of eczema that forced me to spend long periods in isolation, I found solace in writing and creating a strange and ever increasing menagerie of creatures.

My first poem, "The Girl Who Walked on Walls"  was inspired by my faith that we, as humans,not only have the same capacity for kindness in our hearts, but we all  share the same dreams of love.   

I have travelled extensively , often staying in very poor areas , yet the one thing I came across, time and time again, was the kindness and generousity of a stranger.  a smile, a cup of water, a shared orange , they gave me faith that humanity is good. 

A qualified taxation and business consultant, I had a career change in 2012 and I now write and illustrate my own stories, produce photographic calendars and teach craft.

Author of the trilogy of poems and full length children's novel (pending publication

"The Girl who walked on Walls"   - available to buy

"The Christmas Elf"                          - Illustrations in progress Kate G Smeltzer and Connie Lee

"The Strange-Fruited Tree"             - illustrations concept under review